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Daisy Lucio

Jeronimo Lucio

An introduction to the staff here at Temco Enterprises, LLC. We have office staff available to assist you Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST. If you have an emergency situation or an after hour call our voice mail is checked regularly during our closed hours including weekends. Our owner, Jeronimo Lucio, also provides his personal cell phone number on the voice mail in case of an emergency. 

Our Staff

Jeronimo Lucio has been the owner of Temco Enterprises, LLC since 2004. Upon purchasing the company he has made it his goal to make it a family oriented business that is involved in the community. He prides himself on maintaining our excellent reputation and quality of service. As owner he controls the craftsmanship aspect of the business and supervises many of our ongoing projects. 

Daisy Lucio has been employed at Temco Enterprises, LLC since 2007. Lending to Temco being a family owned business, Daisy is Jeronimo's wife. Her primary position is office manager which includes accounts payable, marketing and advertising. Past work experience includes owning a business of her own as well working with community based organizations which helps us to bridge Temco with the community. 

Belinda Lopez has been with us for over ten years. She is a great asset to our company. Her primary position is as an office assistant. Belinda is fully bilingual and is part of our part time team. 

Sheila Hooe has been with Temco Enterprises, LLC since 2008. She was a former customer that was very satisfied with the service that she received from Temco. When an opportunity became available to be part of the Temco team she did not hesitate to apply because she knew the type of company she would be working for. Her past work experience in banking is an asset to us as she performs our banking and financial advising. 

Belinda Lopez

Sheila Hooe

Professional Home Improvement Services

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